6 things you can do to support your favourite authors

Most people assume that authors are a money-minting lot leading glamorous lifestyles. Well, some if us fit the bill but the percentage is abysmal. The sad truth is that most authors make little or no money from their books, or atleast not enough to sustain themselves. And yet, we write for the sake of passion, to express ourselves and tell stories that have been knocking at our insides, waiting to be shared with the world.

As a reader, you probably have a few favourites – some popular and mainstream, and some niche and lesser known. If you read a book you liked (especially if it’s by a newbie), here’s what you can do to show your love for the author.

1. Buy. Don’t borrow or ask for free copies

Buying a book is literally the best thing you can do for an author. More sales mean more royalties for the author, which in turn mean more publishing opportunities and motivation to write more books.

2. Give their books as gifts

If you know someone who shares your reading tastes or would relate to a particular book, give them out as gifts. Not only do books make for meaningful gifts, you will be simultaneously helping an author score new readers.

3. Share the love

Authors need all the exposure and cheering they can manage and then some. Whenever you buy a book, try to post a picture of it on social media channels to let your connections know what you are reading. Who knows, someone might find it interesting and buy a copy for themselves!

4. Write reviews on Amazon & Goodreads

This cannot be stressed upon enough. Every time you buy a book online, try to leave a review and rating. It doesn’t have to be long and detailed – just a simple “wonderful read” will do. Online bookstores such as Amazon tend to promote books that have a higher number of reviews and ratings, and yours will definitely add weight. It only takes a couple of minutes, but goes a long way in helping an author with book promotions.

5. Spread the word

Liked a book? Don’t keep it to yourself! Let everyone know what you loved about it and why. Was it the theme? The author’s style of writing? The storyline? The characters? Don’t hold back from spreading the word about it – you’re after all doing your bit to keep the art of reading and writing alive.

6. Write them fanmail

Authors practically live off this kind of stuff. Most of us might say that we write for ourselves, but we constantly seek validation from our readers. An earnest compliment, therefore, can quickly chase our blues away.


Shuchi Singh Kalra is the author of two romantic comedies – ‘Done With Men’, and ‘I’m Big. So What!?’. She freelances as a writer, editor and blogger, and runs a writing firm called the Pixie Dust Writing Studio. When she’s not writing, Shuchi likes to travel, read and bake awesome cakes. Find out more at http://www.shuchikalra.com. You can also tweet to her @shuchikalra.

April 22, 2017 by Shuchi Singh Kalra

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