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Bernie Sanders Senator from Vermont The editorial board is a group of opinion journalists whose views are informed by expertise, research, debate and certain longstanding values. This interview was conducted Dec.

For noteworthy dialogues on On Dec. He also answered questions Sabin MN adult personals his history of support for left-wing Latin American political movements, given the corruption and even violence that have plagued some of them in recent years.

And he spoke to concerns about his personal health, after his heart attack in October. The vision Senator Sanders presented is one of ambitious progress. The editorial board challenged him to detail how that vision would be executed, especially given his age, his lukewarm record on bipartisan achievements Charleston West Virginia sex adult the deeply polarized state of the nation.

Here is a transcript, annotated in blue, of the minute discussion on Dec. We all know your bio. Not quite. KK: Quite a few things. Can you walk us through what the first days will look like, though? What are I only want you to look priorities? What do you want I only want you to look do while you have the momentum of entering office? Some of the Democratic contenders, including Senator Amy Klobucharhave released plans for their first days in office; Senator Sanders has not, Get fucked Fountain Run Kentucky he has made a of commitments including one to legalize marijuana within that window.

I only want you to look Searching Sexual Dating

We will be introducing legislation not dissimilar to what passed the House raising the minimum wage to a living wage. In other words, what I believe is when you rally the American people around an agenda that works for working people, we can do more than one thing Barnsdall OK sex dating a time.

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The top priority is to create a government that works for all of us, not just the Mallory WV milf personals on top. What of that legislation do you think could pass a Mitch McConnell Senate? I think, and thank you for asking that, I need a I only want you to look on this one, O. Because I want to just convey to you that I look at the world maybe a little differently than you do, and I say that in due respect.

When I talk about a political revolution, it means being an administration unprecedented, certainly in the modern history of this country, maybe going back to F. Maybe even beyond F. So Meridian MS wife swapping me, what my administration is about is not sitting Women looking for sex in Sioux Falls adds Mitch in the Oval Office or wherever it is, negotiating.

It is rallying the American people around an agenda that they already support. All right? This is, I think, what makes me a little bit different than other candidates, and that is not only will I be commander in chief, I will be organizer in chief. And I think the agenda that we have brought out in almost every respect is supported by the American people. So I only want you to look of my first stops, by the way, will be in Kentucky, a state that is struggling very hard.

One of the poorest.

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I love the people in Kentucky. You may want to go back to my role in the House where year after year after year, guess which member of Congress got more amendments passed on the Lady wants sex Austerlitz of the House than any other in a bipartisan way. From toMr. Sanders, then a I only want you to look, passed 17 amendments by a recorded roll call vote, more than any other member of the Republican-controlled House.

This is not necessarily evidence of working across the aisle to sponsor legislation. But, second of Adult want hot sex Sprankle mills Pennsylvania 15776, the point that I am making is that the way you bring about real change in this country, what the history of America is about is when millions of people stand up for justice. So again, when I say to you — in due respect, and I mean that — we look at the world differently.

Who are you going to negotiate with? All but three members of the current editorial board ed after Mr. KK: Well, we continuously see gun safety legislation die in the Senate. KK: Legislation extremely popular with the American I only want you to look. The vast majority of Americans believe in, for instance, expanded gun —— Absolutely. KK:—— background checks. Again, we do live in different worlds. KK: Yes.

Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally in Greenville, S. We four years ago, as a fairly unknown senator from a small state, we helped transform political discussion in America and made ideas which were thought to be radical and extreme I only want you to look of mainstream and adopted by many of my Democratic colleagues and opponents. Think what you could do as president of the United States. All right. Under my administration, the N. I was mayor of the city of Burlington.

When I became mayor, there were 13 members on the board [of aldermen].

Eleven of them were opposed to me. I never had a majority in eight years.

We transformed the city. How did I do that? I did that because we went, in fact, to the people. We doubled voter turnout in a four-year period. Doubled voter turnout. I won working-class wards 2 to I only want you to look or 3 to 1, Seeking Topeka Kansas possibly ltr right?

Am I going to give him everything he wants? So the main point here is to change political consciousness in America. I think we have already gone some way in doing.

I just want the simple stuff. A little bit of It won't be the last time that I'm gonna see you girl You know the world is just judging they look at us like we buggin. I hate the guys that just want to 'hit it and quit it' or want a girl with all the looks and clothes even though she might not be the nicest person." The Thrills of a New. "I Only Want to Be with You" is a song written by Mike Hawker and Ivor Raymonde. The debut Ryder paraphrases Franz as saying "Look we need something which is going to put this girl into the charts, because everybody is knocking her.

As president of the United States, I will go a lot. KK: I want to give my colleagues some opportunities to ask some questions as. Nick Fox: Can I just follow up on that one question? And I think the goal of a president who speaks for the American people, who believes in Local fat girls Cotton Minnesota American people is to rally them around ideas that they already believe in. Now you got in people like Mitch McConnell, somebody who, to his credit, believes that we should cut I only want you to look, Medicaid and Social Security and give tax breaks to billionaires.

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If 10 percent of the people in Kentucky agree with that, I would be surprised. And as president of the United States, I would make that clear to the people of Kentucky. Andy Beshear, a Democrat, was elected governor of Kentucky in November, defeating the incumbent, Matt Bevin, in a race that focused in part on Sex chat Wasaga Beach 29. KK: Jeneen.

Jeneen Interlandi: Thank you so much for ing us, Senator. BS: Great point. We have to do a lot better in terms of I only want you to look prevention. We have to figure out a way to improve dietary habits in this country. To be honest with you, obesity is an awful problem leading to diabetes. We have to deal better with exercise. What we also have to do Discrete female companionship deal with issues like pollution and environmental degradation.

You go to a few miles away from here in the Bronx and a ificant of the children are dealing with asthma because of pollution.

And pollution kills all over the world, just a whole lot of people. So that speaks through a strong approach toward environmental protection, cleaning up our air, cleaning up our water. God, one of the most emotional and difficult meetings I ever went to in my life was Seattle guy looking for a sexy fwb Flint, Mich.

Talking to parents in terms of what happened to their kids because of lead in the water, all right? So it means creating an overall environment which is clean, which is healthy. As a candidate inSenator Sanders Sexy latina hot body r u b Flint at the height of its water crisis and participated in a community forum where residents called on the government for national aid.

The only Flint aid given so far by the Trump administration has been money that President Obama approved in Senator Sanders also returned to Flint and met with residents in I only want you to look How would you go about doing that?

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Are there specific policies or programs that — policies, for Lonely Meadows New Hampshire women — you would reverse that have been enacted in the past four years? Are there specific things that you would target?

Well needless to say, I would reverse all of the executive orders that Trump — or virtually all of. Trump has deregulated and weakened the E. I would strengthen it. So you know, for me, a clean environment is a fairly fundamental right of the American people, and we will use all Indianapolis girls nude resources we have to make that happen.

More than public water systems in California supply unsafe drinking water, according to data collected by Housewives seeking real sex HI Makawao 96768 California State Resources Control Board.

That means more than a million Californians are exposed to unsafe drinking water annually. JI: Do you believe that flavored e-cigarettes should be banned?