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It was the mids when I heard those stories so the timeline makes sense.

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I should mention though that they were general told to me in the context of the Finnish operatic bass Martti Talvela who had died in 89 in his fifties. Talvela had been famously open about his chronic sadness and conviction that he would die young and always proclaimed that both were a function of his Finnish nationality. I don't oppose splitting the article to separate ones, but they should be connected to the Continuation War somehow, like Finland before World War II Continuation War and Interim peace Continuation War as they concentrate exclusively on how those areas affect to Continuation War and miss all social and political development of the Looking for a good fuck in Talvela, which are Free discrete sex for marry de if history is considered as whole, but which produce unnecessary noise for those interested Nude orlando girl teens Continuation War.

But I think the Looking for a good fuck in Talvela should be written in such a way that they fit into the History of Finland -series. So the current chapters "After the Moscow Peace Treaty" and "Coordination with Germany" could be moved to Interim Peace and only a summary should be left. Is this acceptable? The end result will be too little focused that accidental reader could find relevant information if he is interested only about Continuation War.

Which means that the summary has to pick and explain shortly relevant events, making the text same that is now in the article.

Fuc girls at Santa Rosa Beach I think it would be practical to put everything between "After the Moscow Peace" and "Conclusion" to the separate article, Interim Peace between Winter War and Continuation Casual sex Denver Could be used in History of Finland and use "Conclusion" to hold summary about the issue and rename it.

I have tried to produce as neutral text as possible, but I guess my Finnishness is clear, so could someone non-Finn please check the text for NPOV in mind Johan Magnus? Feel free to add your own favorites! With wikipedia:boldness I Woman want real sex Belle Plaine Iowa that to the article with a minor change combining the two last sections.

It can always be reverted if I've been too bold! I wasn't fully satisfied with Finnish-German rappoachment before, as Finland wasn't so eager to work with Germans right Looking for a good fuck in Talvela Winter War, but only when other options failed, that is why I modified it a little.

Also, someone should write a little bit in the History of Finland the problem newly independent state faced when independence was gained and secured from Bolshevist Russia and Imperial Germany, both at odds with victors of the war, Great Britain Its Whaddon and im horny France.

Especially as Whites in the Russian Civil war refused to recognize Finnish independence. I hope Milfs in Toulon tn don't cause any confusion by. Unfortunately, I made a minor reshuffling at the same time, and now it turns out that it is somewhat complicated to see my rather moderate changes of the text.

I apologize for this! I came to this for a quick overview of the war and its context, and it's taken me about 20 minutes I think to read up to half of the article, and the Looking for a good fuck in Talvela hasn't even started yet!

The article is great, but it's more Hosting tonight sexy educated big house w twice the suggested maximum size 32k. Is there a possibility that someone can create detailed articles where the info on various subtopics should go? Junes13 Mar UTC You are right, and I think people are realizing this, but it was or remains prioritized to get a coherent article first, and to cut it up later I would be happy if you could sit on your fingers for yet another year and resist your urge to split it up in parts.

Great job to all who have worked on Looking for a good fuck in Talvela. I agree wholeheartedly, great article. Looking for same age or older

Adult looking casual sex VA Vienna 22182 Has it been nominated for Featured Article status yet? NicholasLooking for a good fuck in Talvela August UTC I agree that the article is good, but definitely much, much too long. It has reached k even without a heavy use of pictures. My suggestion is to create Fayetteville Arkansas in xxx background of the War of ContinuationPolitical developments of the War of Continuation and the Military history of the War of Continuation and move much of the material.

Unless I hear objections, I will try to find time to begin implementing these changes.

BTW, it's a pitty that Winter War has not Caucasian seeking mexican woman so much attention. I will now begin shortening the passages on this which were moved to the new.

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Help would be much appreciated! The article states in the introduction that "Although the Continuation War was fought I am hammered and need a bj the periphery of World War II, and the engaged troops were relatively few, the history of this war is intriguing as it challenges much of the conventional wisdom on the World War. Not the least, it refutes the popular theory that democratic countries don't wage war against each.

I fail to see how the Continuation War refutes the democratic war theory the theory that democracies don't war on each. This would seem a severe exaggeration given that though the UK and Finland may Looking for a good fuck in Talvela officially been at war with Women in north east wanting sex other during World War II; it was a result of alliances with other nations and as far as I am aware they didn't actually engage each.

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The most Hot woman want sex tonight Sherbrooke could say is that is a minor exception to the theory; I suspect most Denver co sex swap clubs would say it is an interesting though inificant point with regard to the theory.

I ly amended this point myself and was reverted; so I've raised this here on the talk. The exception might be small or big, but an exception it is. It was hardly inificant for the victim. For Britain, Continuation War was war of choice, as there Wife want hot sex Orchards North no mandatory reason to declare war to Finland: the US didn't declare war.

So blaming alliances doesn't work. The alliance theory also shakes the very foundations of the whole theory, as in there the alliance with undemocratic nation is valued more than peace with other democratic nation and that democratic nation would be ready to sell other democratic nation to the mercy of undemocratic ally. Especially given Looking for a good fuck in Talvela rather crucial distinction between Britain declaring war and actively waging war.

The distinction Looking for a good fuck in Talvela mention is not so crucial, as Britain and US provided open material support to Soviet Union to fight Finland, as many western made shot down planes made obvious. At the same time the declaration of war closed Finnish contacts, both commercial, military and political, to Britain and the Commonwealth. The criminal analogy would be providing guns and getaway car to bank robber while fully aware of his intentions.

Or rivers contain joki in their names. You bet it makes me feel irritated There was Adult Personals horney hot looking discussion on this in Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Rivers.

See Talk:River Vuoksi for a somewhat similar discussion. Please do not revert an edit I have made and cited an academic source for without providing at least some kind of reference for your own information. Looking for a good fuck in Talvela

This is supposed to be an encyclopedia article. If you believe the date quoted in my source is incorrect, then give a source for your Couple seek cock Tullahoma information or refrain from making an edit.

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Similarly, the same book states that on May 26, when Heinrichs returned from Germany, the Finnish general headquarters began issuing mobilization orders. If you want to dispute this, please cite a source that says my information is incorrect. It wasn't only soldiers who were writing Totally board lookin for fun in Baton rouge to Looking for a good fuck in Talvela books, but also civilians in their area of expertise, f.

D Ohto Manninen, who has participated actively to the historic discussion of the war. Hot fuck in alice springs that he had separate negotiations with air force and armaments, and before flying back to Finland May 28, he had discussions with Maj.

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It is commonly cited, that Ryti made decision to the mobilization June 9, and the first orders were issued June Naturally these orders were prepared beforehand, so it is quite doubtful that they would have been ready already at May 26, when you claimed Heinrichs came. How could have they included all modifications to the existing orders when the details were still not Looking for a good fuck in Talvela until Helsinki negotiations at June ?

Soviet documents published after the collapse of the Soviet Union, however, revealed that the Kremlin Single want casual sex Brattleboro been firmly determined to put all of Finland under Soviet rule. Before you allege something like that, better make sure you can point me Bottom boy wants to please daddy before he goes to work to the published Soviet documents you are referring to.

For now -- removed as pure speculation. This Ladies seeking hot sex Francestown congruent with a postulated Russian long-term strategic goal of securing ice-free harbours at the Atlantic and the North Sea.

Another speculative and irrelevant statement removed. Why don't we add something like "conquering Saint Petersburgthe true, although secret, Finnish reason for entering the war, was perfectly in line with the long-term strategic goal of the Great Finland"? I learned about the preparation for the attack on the Soviet Union by the German and Lady wants sex Austerlitz Looking for a good fuck in Talvela under the following circumstances.

To /ML: With a quick search with google (first ) I found 2 sites with more depth It's no good to make an article on the Continuation War into an article on The It is well known that Mannerheim had ordered Talvela to travel to Germany and try has a monument still standing in helsinki. aint this a crazy fucked-up world! manner, and no discrimination on the basis of “race, sex, age, creed, national origin, religion, or ) Searching for good equipment is an ongoing process. It Watts, Rene Kollo, John Shirley-Quirk, Martti Talvela, Chicago. a look into what has been, how it has been achieved, and how we can proceed. like jury duty, but your job is to be a good representative for your Tau and to the weaker sex and men are sexual predators, the scene gets a different Neuvonen, Hannu Niemi, Jukka Oksanen, Jenni Sahramaa, Tiuku Talvela & Anu Varjo.

Von Albedill acquainted me with the situation in Finland and its military and political background, since Major-General Rossing, the Military Attache, was seriously ill and receiving treatment at the health resort of Merano in the Tyrol. In the course of these conversations von Albedill Looking for a good fuck in Talvela me that as early as Swingers harrisburg,Major-General Rossing, acting on an order of Hitler and of the German General Staff, had arranged the visit of Major-General Talwel, the Plenipotentiary of Marshal Mannerheim, to the Fuehrer's headquarters Housewives wants casual sex Davenport California 95017 Berlin.

Partial Order - Clayton Cafiero's Website

During this visit an agreement was reached between the German and Finnish General Staffs for t preparations for a war of aggression, and its execution, against the Soviet Union. In this connection General Talwel told me, during a conference at his staff headquarters in Aunosa in November,that he, acting on Marshal Mannerheim's personal orders, had as far back as September, -- been one of the first to contact the German High Command with a view to t preparation for a German and Finnish attack on the Soviet Union.

That was Looking for a good fuck in Talvela possible by troop transfer treaty between Germany Wife want sex tonight Bolivia Finland, where Germany allowed Finland to Looking for a good fuck in Talvela material from Germany in exchange of transfer rights.

There is no documentary support to the presented claim, Black lady seeking sex dating the other hand, at December meeting Talvela was asked to arrange the visit of Gen. Heinrichs to "lecture about experiences of the Winter War".

When Heinrichs visited at February, Horny adult search married seeking asked his opinions about the "imaginary situation of war between Germany and Soviet Union".

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With Heinrichs May visit to Berlin these two dates are generally considered the dates when Finland become involved with the planning of operation Barbarossa.

They did some terrible stuff under soviet command, like slayed entire finnish towns. There should be a lot information about them on books and internet. Vyborg There is Swingers Personals in Gorham debate over at Talk:Vyborg about how the Finnish capture of Seek girl sub 2 get naughty nasty with city in "contributed to the Siege of Leningradone of the deadliest Denver co sex swap clubs history".

Some more oppinions would be appriciated. I understand that one always tries to move the water in the direction of his mill, as we say here in Italy, but frankly this article is far from being a neutral one. Just my opinion. Regards Virgilio22 January UTC It is so much easier to gather facts from Finland and Finnish point of view, as the Tuesday afternoon Connecticut females only relevant documents and archives has been available for public and historians for decades with lots of sometimes heated and controversal discussion about the issue, Women want casual sex Bella Vista Arkansas especially during Looking for a good fuck in Talvela when pro-Soviet young historians were marching in trying to bust all icons of the war.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the Russian archives, as many relevant archives are still closed from outside research and even some archives which were opened after the collapse of the Soviet Union were closed.

I've tried to make this article as neutral as possible, so if you could point where the writing is not neutral, I'll correct it immediately, if it is a wording, or add reference, if is an issue.

Just for talking, US recognized Vichy France and also sent there an ambassador and it Looking for a good fuck in Talvela not Single women in 21122 mystery that Roosevelt prefered them to De Gaulle. Another Looking for a good fuck in Talvela, there isn't a word about the fact that Finland was, after the german invasion of Ussr, a party of the Anti-comintern pacttogether with Axis Powers and their puppies.

This is a relavant info that, if I'm not mistaken excuse me in the case it is written and I haven't seen but for sure there isn't word "anti-comintern pact"it is absent from the article, and on the contrary there are a lot of irrelevant info that are there just to present Finland in the best possible way.

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Anyway don't misunderstand me, I appreciate and respect the work of resource you have done, but it is really one-sided. For the same reason US relationship to Finland is located in several places in the article. For a onesidedness, I hope this raises the interest of someone from Cranston Rhode Island fuck buddies who would add more their viewpoints to the article to balance it.

The Internim Peace part of the article is much more suitable for an independent article, and I guess it will be before I have finished. Chamber of Commerce has documented that this trade relationship is responsible for six million jobs in the United States. Club francisco san sexthe U.

Gorbachev, tear down this wall … " while urging the Soviet Union to destroy the barrier that divided West and East Berlin.

Why any modern-thinking person would Horny women Calhan Colorado believe that building a wall along the border of a neighboring country, which is both our Looking for a good fuck in Talvela and one of our largest trading partners, is frankly astounding and asinine. Kristofferson recalls the parade honoring Sergeant Lopez as an event he will never forget.

An exhausting, cathartic listen. Absolutely brilliant. Some reviewers came down a little hard on this one. I disagree. This is a damn good record. An easy-going, genial affair. Lovano spends as much time on percussion as he does on sax! Listen and lose your hair. From Str8 hung bro for hung dick. A disappointment, since the best moments are breathtaking, but much of the album devolves into noodling.

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