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Looking for an air Providence Rhode Island gal

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Used motor oil is a large source of the pollution in our state's waterways. Every year, Rhode Island do-it-yourselfers discard an estimated 1.

Much of this goes down storm drains, on the ground sometimes to kill weeds or into a trashcan and then to a landfill. If it's Women want sex Brazeau of in any of these ways it could contaminate ground or surface waters--used motor oil contains lead and other toxic substances.

Here's what happens when oil and water mix: One quart of oil will foul the taste ofgallons of water. One pint of oil can create an Adult want online dating Tallahassee Florida slick on surface water.

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Oil kills fish and other aquatic life. It can even be carried into our food.

Oil poured down the drain can kill the bacteria needed to break down human wastes in the sewage treatment plant or in your septic. Oil poured on the ground can poison neighboring wells.

Oil never wears out; it just gets dirty! Recycling cleans the oil to be used. Recycling oil saves a valuable resource, and helps cut down our reliance on overseas suppliers.

Recycled oil is as good a lubricant as new oil. Or it can be burned as fuel to produce heat or electricity - it's as good as coal, and cleaner, too! One gallon of used Dominate Elche woman oil will produce more than one half-gallon of clean motor oil.

It takes 42 gallons of crude oil to produce the same. Since the program began inRhode Island do-it-yourselfers have turned in over a million and a half gallons of used motor oil. That's quite a Holiday girlfriend idea for a state that's so much smaller than Texas!

Recycling used oil is as easy as Drain used oil into a suitable container with a tight-fitting cap, such as a thoroughly rinsed, heavy, plastic jug, which can be used over and.

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Note: Never mix used motor oil with any other liquids, such as: antifreeze, gasoline, paint thinner, solvents, cooking oil, or water! Take the used oil to the Oil Recycling Facility in your community. Deposits are limited to five gallons. The used oil will be picked up for refining or reprocessing.

From a RI household: For less than 10 gallons, your city or town may offer special motor oil instructions for its residents. From any RI source e. Fees may apply. Housewives wants real sex Force

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