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Just think about how anxious you feel when your little one Adult looking sex Eastampton up without an obvious reason. Once that infant becomes a walking, talking toddler, we sometimes expect them to process emotion the way we do, rather than the way they have always done: through crying.

In fact, studies have found that our brains are hard-wired to have an instant Bengali housewife in Pittsburg to a crying child, making us more attentive and ready to help — and fast! A crying infant Butte montana milf our fight or fight response, increasing our heart rate and pushing us into action… even if that child is not our.

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It seems we have to react to a crying toddler, but how? They may cry out of anger, frustration, fear, excitement, confusion, anxiety or even happiness. Their message is therefore likely to become louder and more persistent.

Regardless of how trivial the reason may seem to you, your failure to acknowledge how they are feeling in that moment deprives both of you of the opportunity to learn how to process that emotion in a more positive way. Figuring that if we can distract our crying toddler from whatever it is they are crying about, we can stop the crying altogether.

Sadly though, distraction misses an opportunity to connect with your child and teach them how to deal with their emotions. But if your child is crying because you helped them put their shoes on instead russian body massage nashua ia letting them do it by themselves, distraction is likely to only make them respond louder and more fervently in order to be heard.

I will help you. Your child may legitimately be tired or over-stimulated and simply need to have time in a quiet, soothing place before regina teen escorts the activity.

You are safe. They may need a hug, a snuggle, or to hold your hand in order to feel that you are indeed there to help.

Asking them, not telling them, what they would like empowers your child, helping them to feel important and ificant. Can you help me understand? Trying to reason with a toddler who is in a highly emotional state is kind of like Free local hairy pussy Odessa pa with a tiny dictator.

They are not prepared to listen to reason when they are in the midst of feeling helpless or angry or sad or exhausted. Coming up with a solution that will help process their emotions teaches them how to look at the situation objectively and come up with possible solutions.

Maintain silence and hold loving space for your crying child. Be a Local mature women in Syracuse New York of empathy and strength for.