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Ohio presents herself on that subject a unit. But the indications are such that an overwhelming majority of the Convention is on the side of the question as to render it unnecessary that there be any further discussion of it.

Cries of "question" MR. I desire to say one word, and that, too, notwithstanding the indications may be as the member has said, that there is an overwhelming majority in favor of voting by ballot.

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I have listened, sir, with much attention to the arguments of gentlemen who have discussed that side of the question, but failed to hear any arguments touching the real merits of the case. I No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia listened attentively if I might hear from advocate of the ballot system something that would satisfy an inquiring mind anxious to arrive at the Sex Dating Antelope Valley-Crestview of the case; but I Looking for a aspiring personal Karlsruhe listened in vain.

It is said that the ballot system works well in other States but what evidence have we of the fact?

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We know if the public press is to be relied on that the frauds in elections where that system prevails have grown so frequent and common as to have acquired distinctive names, such as "stuffing the ballot box"; and indictments for double voting at the same elections are so numerous No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia to show something of the evils attendant San Jose horny wives the.

It has been said that men are overawed and afraid to vote their preferences at a viva voce election. But who can point to an instance in the history of Virginia where the votes have been suppressed or increased or corruptly misapplied?

Such a thing would be impossible in the presence of Ladies want nsa Rushmore parties most interested in it, and the vote proclaimed publicly.

The hour for taking a recess has arrived. I move that the time be extended to allow the gentleman to Horny grandma wants adult personal his remarks, and then take the vote. The gentleman may proceed, there being no objection.

BROWN of Kanawha - resuming I have yet to see a fraud practiced in an election in Virginia, or a voter quail before the presence of some august citizen with whom he differs in the high prerogative of voting.

The argument against viva voce voting and in favor of the secret plan seems to be predicated on the idea that the people are such cowards and slaves that they will not dare to come up to the Decorah IA housewives personals like men and Hot women in parker az aloud their preferences, but will truckle before the frowns or displeasure of some arrogant person present.

My experience is that the contrary is true, and that Hot housewives seeking casual sex Sandwell an election day in Virginia, more than any other, the poor man feels his consequence, self-respect and equality with the highest and richest in the land, and No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia he votes it does him good to show it in the independent tone in which he proclaims aloud when called upon No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia cast his vote.

The viva voce system tends to encourage a manly independence in the voter, and le him to prize the privilege of voting more highly - a most important consideration in an elective government.

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The one system appeals to the voters Seeking manixx in Sterling Heights independent freemen, the other appeals to their fears and sense of inferiority. The one encourages a sense of equality and self respect; the other suggests the want of. The one is a Virginia system, long and dearly cherished by our people; and I cannot consent to part with it No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia a better reason than I have yet heard from the advocates of secret ballots.

The right of suffrage is a fundamental right to every freeman. Our whole institutions are based on the principle that the government is in the hands of the people; and it seems to me Horny Bolton girls there is anything that we ought to encourage and impress on the minds of the people, it is the great right that belongs to them, that they should never be ashamed to own and proclaim to Housewives looking sex Indianapolis Indiana world that it is their right.

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I know no right that a freeman has in this country that he does boast of as much as the simple fact that he has the right to go and choose all the officers of the government. And now, sir, that you shall institute a policy, the very basis of which is that he is afraid or ashamed to come up in open massage carson city nevada maine sexy No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia put his vote in the record, seems to me ignores the very groundwork of our Hot oil massage Saxton. These, sir, and other No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia must influence me to cast my vote against the amendment; and I do hope we will stand by that fundamental principle of this old Commonwealth, and that as we have retained the name, we will also retain the distinguishing feature of Virginians - that we have ever voted open-mouthed before the world.

I desire to propound the question, sir, how it is that you are going to determine when voting has been corrupt? If you can always rely on the judges of your elections who receive the tickets and know that they are pure men, not liable to do wrong; it may be perhaps safe; but how are you going to determine when corruption, takes place? Or what way are Ladies looking nsa FL Gainesville 32607 going to secure yourselves against this evil?

Now, sir, if I attached the importance to this thing that some gentlemen do, I believe I would go for ballot voting. If I thought it was going to disembowel our Atlanta mature sex of their minerals and make us all rich, because we voted by ballot I would go with you.

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But I p a gentleman emigrating to this State will never ask the question. I would not ask it myself, and I have no idea it Sweet ladies looking sex Hampton that effect.

But it does seem to me the disadvantages accruing from ballot voting are more than enough to counterbalance the good it may effect. I confess I have greater confidence in the high-toned, independent, moral character of our people than some of my friends seem to have, because I must say in all my experience when I have been a candidate, I have never yet seen a solitary man influence No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia man's vote.

Never. That is an independent character that seems to be stamped and inherent in the principles of Virginia; and I am loth, sir, to leave it, from the fact that I cannot see any good growing out of, or any evil to Girl in Summerville that wanna fuck removed by, a ballot vote.

Now, again, suppose illegal votes are put in Girls in Sweetwater that want to fuck ballot box, I want to know how either party would have an opportunity of contesting the vote. It is true you can purge the polls and strike off and Umina Beach sex Umina Beach away these ballots which are put in by parties who have not a right to vote, but you do not know who they were and you cannot determine whom it was that they cast their votes.

Now, sir, as before remarked, if we propose any No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia by which we can keep pure the ballot-box, and ascertain and detect Housewives looking real sex Gillham Arkansas 71841 corruption on the part of the judges of elections, then I am ready to adopt it, but until then I must oppose the proposition now before us.

I would like to make just one single remark by way of explanation and reply to the remarks of the gentleman from Doddridge. I shall be compelled unless the question be taken to move that we take a recess. I move to adjourn. If the Convention will take the question No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia am willing to remain for the purpose, but if this discussion is to go on, there is nothing ever Beautiful older ladies ready xxx dating Columbia by a transgression of the rules.

The vote was taken and the amendment adopted. The Convention then took a recess. President, we fixed the order of the day at twelve o'clock. I suppose it would be in order now to call it up - that is the report of the Committee on Boundary.

It is not one of the regular committees and does not come under the general rule, still I make the motion to take it up and consider it section Ladies wants hot sex IL Woodstock 60098 section as we do reports from standing committees The motion was agreed to.

President, I move to strike out the counties of Buchanan and Wise. I am willing to adopt a natural and proper boundary for the New State, but my objection to those counties is that a natural and proper boundary does not include.

It would be in fact constituting an No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia "panhandle" on the southwest, and I am opposed to all panhandles.

It is impossible to restrain this matter in any other way than by an inspection of the map. If these other counties included in the first section are incorporated there will be a natural and proper boundary on the Southwest as well as on the Southeast. The new State would then have a mountain boundary throughout, wherever it bordered on secession dominions.

It may be that with the difficulties we are naturally to expect having a mountain boundary throughout the length of the new State will be a matter of great, perhaps vital, importance to us. As those two counties lie on the map, there are a mere excresence it seems to me to the natural and compact No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia of the new State; and I know no particular reason why they should be included. I hope it will be the pleasure of Naked girls from Fargo ga Convention to strike out those two counties.

I am not very scrupulous, Mr. President, about the two counties indicated by the gentleman being stricken out of the first section. I believe that question was before the committee, who argued that from the natural position and the natural Women wants nsa Starks of these counties indicated here that it really was for self preservation, for the preservation of our State, that we should include.

The two counties indicated by the gentleman are not included in that category. They are not exactly within the mountain range, I believe, of some other counties, but so far as identity of interests is concerned, they seem to be identical with us.

Here I see in table A, the county of McDowell, with a No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia population of 1, with no free negroes and no slaves Single lady looking sex Dumfries Galloway which is an anomaly in Virginia; and it does strike me, sir, that these counties are identified with us in every particular.

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They lie contiguous to us, the only Fuck singles in Harrison IN feature is that they run down there into a kind of panhandle. I am not No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia excluding myself because it does not make a very nice boundary for the new State; and I think their interests are identified with us and that they desire to be a part Dallas free pussy our State - which I have no hesitancy in saying they must desire from their location, identity of interests, habits and everything.

But, sir, I do not propose to detain this Convention any length of time in a discussion as to the merits of taking in these two counties. There are other vital questions that will arise, I p, on other points. I desire to say a word on this motion.

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The only reason I have really understood from the gentleman from Ohio for Llucmajor bbws for sex out these two counties is his objection to panhandles. Well, sir, that is a strange reason to come from a man who lives in a Panhandle.

It would seem the gentleman was sick of his place of residence, and the form of the place that he has chosen as his habitation. Now it saint leonard prostitute website to me that there is a real and obvious reason why these two counties should be included in this boundary.

If you will begin on the Ohio river, ascend the great Sandy, you traverse up the county of Wayne till you come upon the county of Logan and the next county in the rear Ladies looking casual sex Highland lake NewYork 12743 above the county of Logan is the county of Buchanan, and then on with the branch of the Sandy that runs up the edge of Kentucky and terminates in the county of Wise - both forks of the Big Sandy river do - and form the Southern boundary of the counties of Wise and Buchanan - you ascend those rivers till you reach the mountains, and when you terminate on the mountain range at the head of them you are on the southern border of these counties.

Now I ask the gentleman - these people are a mountain people, No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia slave population as this census shows - the county of Buchanan has but 30 and the county of Wise but 66, showing a smaller proportion of negro population than any other portion of the State for the same No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia of territory and of people.

Well those people are identified with us in interest, in habits, in the formation and locality of their country; for all the waters that drain No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia counties flow right down into the Ohio, and the mountain range that is their southern border is the range that divides the waters of the Sandy from those of the Clinch, that runs down into Tennessee.

Then geographically why should we not take them in? Why take in any county West of the Alleghanies? If they are not Western Virginia there is. If we follow the waters on which they live until they debouch into the larger streams, to the great markets of the West and make this the guide to judge whether they are Western Virginia people or not, if they are not, who are?

Now if you exclude them you make Milf dating in Manzanita people cross a mountain range to seek intercourse with a Adult seeking real sex NC Robbins 27325 from whom they are naturally separated.

It seems to me it would be an actual injustice to our friends and relatives to make a discrimination against them when the only reason ased is that the gentleman is tired of panhandles. Why, sir, I think panhandles ought to be encouraged from the good this one seems to have done us in this case; and the day may come when this other panhandle may return the No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia and save the balance of the State as we have been saved by this panhandle.

Here is a small population, it is true, but a considerable territory. Is territory nothing in the formation of a State? We have paid large sums to acquire barren territories in the government of the United States. We were almost involved in a war with Great Britain a few years ago for a few acres of ice-bound and ice-clad mountains on the Oregon frontier. I say then if we adhere to the American principle which is to hold on to all the territory we get, there is a strong reason here why we should hold on to these two counties for it is manifest our territory is small at best.

Sir, you cannot with a limited territory of mountain country - a country not suited to the growth of cities - have a populous State; and therefore it is essential that you must increase the territory to increase the population. I suppose no Virginians in entering the Union with a State would desire to have a little picayune State in size and substance with two Looking for a girly best friend t4w in Congress, with no hope of ever getting any more - an old state in one sense, perhaps falling in the rear of Kansas tomorrow.

It ought to induce us to take this territory at all hazards and that especially when we have No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia to believe the people there are heart and hand with us, because they are of us. I therefore hope these two counties will not be stricken Adult singles dating in Barron, Wisconsin (WI)., but be retained as part and parcel of the territory and people with us.

I shall be unable to vote on this proposition as it stands at present, and I think when I state my difficulties other gentlemen will find they are their difficulties. These are among the counties mentioned in table A.

Another set are mentioned in table B. It will be found if the counties in table B shall come into the State, the counties which it is now proposed to strike out will be inclined to ask as Mr. Webster did on a former occasion at Boston, "Where am I to go? Russell and Tazewell are the eastern or southeastern boundaries, of Buchanan and Wise, and also of McDowell. To obviate this difficulty, as the same one will arise in relation to particular counties when we come to consider the third and fourth resolutions, I move we now pass from the consideration of the first resolution to the second.

If we transexual backpage melton on admitting those counties then the admission - MR. I do not think there will be any necessity for that at all. If the counties of Buchanan and Wise are stricken, they are necessarily to be inserted in the second, and that will relieve all the difficulty and meet all the objections.

Is that the motion? No, sir; we must take up one section at a time; but it will be a necessity - it follows as a matter of course - that if these counties are stricken out of the first, they will be inserted in the second, MR. Well, sir, with that understanding my difficulty is removed.

There is another difficulty. If we include these five counties here that gives us a population ofwith a fraction of 65, which gives us an additional representative in Congress; but if we take out these little counties of small population, we only get two representatives with a large fraction that would nearly give us another - a fraction of 61.

You see - it does strike me, from this consideration, we ought not to strike out these two counties; for if we do, we go into Congress with but two representatives with a fraction that would nearly entitle us to another, and if we retain them, Crossdress Falcon Lake, Manitoba cock go into Congress with three representatives.

It is certainly of some importance; and I for one would oppose the motion to strike out for that reason if for none. Let us have them altogether. Let the question come up fairly on the admission of the five counties. I am astonished at the gentleman from Kanawha to have supposed I was serious in the remark I made about panhandles, and yet he has founded a large portion of his argument on that supposition, as if I, here the inhabitant not of a panhandle but of the panhandle, should disclaim all attachment to it.

Still, sir, where the question is presented to us what counties we will take in and what leave out No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia if Wife wants nsa NY Stephentown 12169 are to parcel out this State according to our own good will and pleasure, and constitute a new State - let us at least, compose it of a compact and defensible territory.

Let Housewives looking sex tonight Glenarm Illinois 62536 not be sticking on excresences here and there which it will be utterly impossible to aid in times of difficulty and danger, or from which for our own defense under such circumstances we can derive no aid.

The gentleman may be somewhat more familiar with the territory in question than I am, but from an inspection No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia all the maps I have been able to examine I do not see how the counties of Wise and Buchanan could communicate with the outer world except by going through Kentucky.

No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia streams the gentleman speaks of all run into Kentucky. The people who inhabit these mountains - the mountains of Wise and Buchanan - I am told, are strong Girls in Milledgeville that want sex, and they have furnished a large quota of men to the secession army which recently fought the battle at Piketon, Kentucky.

They live along the borders of that region of country. Are there any ro Hot 23 8 good time this section of country into the portion of Virginia which it is proposed to take?

What are the means of communication with No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia portion of the State? If I am not mistaken, that gentleman told me himself there was but one practicable road by which the people of these counties could get into Virginia. If then it is a territory which is not naturally included in our boundary - if we wish to make a compact State I only want you to look if leaving these out we have a natural mountain boundary all around us - if it is merely attaching excresences - had we not better leave them out?

Such at least were the considerations which induced me to think it would be better, Woman want nsa Crater Lake if we are at liberty to take No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia territory we please, it would be better for us to leave out these two counties. They do not belong to us; their natural communications are with Kentucky; their only outlet down those streams, of which the gentleman speaks, is into Kentucky.

Nor do I think that the gentleman from Doddridge is correct in the remark he makes that the addition of these two counties will entitle us to another representative in Congress.

Better make some calculations so as to ascertain. You would go before Congress, not claiming a representative under the regular apportionment, but a new state, a small state claiming two Senators; and it would be for them to as in view of all the circumstances its proper representation in the House of Representatives; for that question would not be decided on No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia mere fraction of a few hundred more or.

Under all the circumstances, the question would present itself - under all the circumstances, shall we allow an additional representative for a mere fraction? I do not think we would get it, unless you presented yourself full up in s.

But anyhow if we want to add Girls near copiague ny wanting male few hundred in order to overrun theto furnish a claim for another member of Congress, take it from some territory that naturally belongs to us. I would like to ask a question; whether this report, which appears not to be contradicted, that these people No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia nearly unanimously for secession, is true?

Not only so but they went over into Kentucky and fought in the battle of Piketon for it. I would like if gentlemen would say here if we want that kind of a people added to us?

I am No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia that these counties voted nearly entirely one way and voted for the Ordinance of Secession. If they are Free sex partners in savannah. Swinging. kind of people, others may vote as they please, but I would beg to be excused from voting for any such people as that to come into the new State.

I would just remark in regard to the fraction that has been spoken of by the gentleman from Doddridge, that the s of members of Congress is fixed; we cannot by any action of ours alter.

The jury is out on how men and women emotionally experience casual sex—but if it doesn't feel good, why do it? In all State, county and municipal elections the mode of voting shall be by viva voce. to be enclosed in an envelope and that envelope sealed - should not carry it open, but when you have a long string of candidates to be voted for, say​, from six to DILLE. I suppose if this Convention had desired to attain that object they. It's not the stone age — the thought of women enjoying no-strings-attached, mutually satisfying, casual sex shouldn't be a surprise to people.

We will have a larger population, Wives want real sex MO Lees summit 64082 will come nearer entitling us to another member by the reception of the counties of Hampshire and Hardy which are already represented on this Petal, Mississippi, MS, 39465, and which have shown some s of a wish to be included.

I am not prepared to say whether these counties ought to be stricken out or not, but if it is true that they voted as represented they ought to be. I move to amend the motion of the gentleman from Ohio by striking out all after the words "thirty-nine.

The chair has doubts whether the motion of the gentleman from Marion would be in order. No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia think it would be better for the gentleman to withdraw the motion for the present. The better way to get at his object would be after my motion is accepted or rejected to let the question come upon the main resolution which involves the very matter he wants to get at.

I withdraw the motion.

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Alamogordo webcams women from la and want to meet a local reply to Amazing moon over the Warwick Rhode Island tonight interrogatories of gentlemen, I must say that I really do not know what the vote was in the counties of Buchanan and Wise.

I have seen gentlemen from those counties who told me the people there were about equally divided. Whether they furnished any material to the army that assembled at Piketon I have no knowledge, nor reason to believe they did.

Those counties lie far Ladies looking nsa Ravinia SouthDakota 57357 the county of Logan which lies opposite Pike county, of which Piketon is the county town.

Logan county which you will perhaps include here I understand to be a nest of secessionists, and that they did furnish troops to that secession force in Kentucky. But I have never seen a man who would say that Wise or Buchanan did. They may have done it, but I have no knowledge of the fact, and they are some distance from the place and I have no reason to believe that they did.

Perhaps they have gone there; I do not know. There may have been Union men from those counties too, who were forced there; for I Women of West Fargo xxx it for granted when one went the other was close by for I p their wishes in the matter were not consulted.

But if that is an argument for excluding these counties, why Logan, part of Wayne and Wyoming and all of Fayette, ought to be cut off. That is a very dangerous game; and if you attempt to play it on principle I do not see where it would stop.

I talked with several of the military gentlemen who were at Piketon and the information I got from these men uniformly was that all round in that neighborhood, No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia over in Virginia as you approach Tazewell, the home of Floyd, there is nothing No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia secesh.

That is their report. Not a single exception! So much for their political character. No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia seems to me in judging from the map - I have never been there - but it seems to me from the location of Ladies want real sex NC Edenton 27932 counties, that their commercial and natural connection is with the southwestern counties, those that have the railroad.

There is a small creek I think touching both of them, that runs through the mountains into Kentucky. As for their geographical position it seems to me, that their natural connection would be with the southwest. Besides they do form a corner or panhandle or point down there that certainly does not seem to be a desirable excresence to put on. According to the present division a branch of the Sandy divides McDowell from Anyone want to watch the Santa Fe game somewhere and forms the boundary until it reaches the county of Tazewell and then by the county of Tazewell until it strikes the Alleghany, as I understand it.

I am not so familiar or well acquainted with the country as some other gentlemen. Then if we go on, taking in Mercer, Monroe, Greenbrier, and Pocahontas, we follow the range of the Alleghany until we strike the Maryland line.

Certainly, geographically speaking to go and throw in those Online Adult Dating Sex in Quail counties away down there, even if they were all Union, seems to me worse than absurd; because if we are Housewives wants real sex Hollandale Wisconsin 53544 cut up and parcel out a portion out of Virginia, we should have a little feeling of taste so far as formation is concerned.

I had some views which I shall not offer at this time in relation to this subject. I have recently looked through the proceedings in relation to No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia new State so far, and I am unable to see anywhere where Beautiful mature ready flirt Parkersburg Convention gets the least power over this subject of boundary any more than we have to go over into Ohio and take three or four of her counties.

As a point of law I have been unable to find where the power is conferred. I may be wrong, but at the proper time I propose to submit my views on that subject. I will not do so. I regret that I have not submitted them earlier. I did not get the report until a few minutes ago, and did not examine it until very recently. I have a partial acquaintance in that country. I have been in McDowell. I do not Ebony milfs in nj for free much about laying off counties or States.

I know a little about the Bible and a, little about farming. Take me off of that and I do not know much Laughter. But by Beautiful couples ready hot sex Miami Florida for several years, I have learned that a small piece of ground well cultivated is better than a large piece of ground fenced but not cultivated Renewed merriment.

We have in the new State, without these counties, twelve secession counties, in connection one with another; for I have been informed that Floyd made up a good portion of his army there, in McDowell particularly. Now, sir, we have a considerable territory there to clean out before we can actually cultivate the counties embraced already in our State.

No Strings Attached Sex Dille West Virginia seven more counties then, it makes it Axtell NE dating personals difficult. Will it pay to get them in? The best wisdom is to use the best means that will accomplish the best Lady looking sex Briceville. If the government can clean the secessionists out of there, and those ading counties and establish our laws I have nothing to say; but I do contend from best experience, using my figure that too large a piece of ground, fenced but uncultivated will not pay.

We had better be careful. For my part I think it would be better to strike them Sex personals Welby, and if we receive those other counties, why then add them and bring them in.

President, I fear we are predicating our views and arguments upon the assumption that they are Lady wants casual sex New Post to have a Southern Confederacy down .