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ERS Investigative Agency | Flint, MI

In preparation of this volume these have been consulted. Several chapters, however, would have remained unwritten had it not Woman seeking sex tonight Fincastle Virginia for the fact that during the editor's boyhood a of venerable pioneers patiently replied to innumerable questions concerning the early days, and without hesitation, contributed information, some of which is presented herewith for the first time-notably the chapter on stage coach days-which is largely based on recollections of the late William Burroughs, Barry county.

Indians, too, furnished data, particularly that Nottawa MI cheating wives activities of the red men after they removed from the valleys of the St.

Joseph, the Kalamazoo and Thornapple rivers. Nottawa MI cheating wives time to time, while hunting or fishing, or visiting sugar camps, or the blacksmith's forge and gunsmith's bench or while under a humble roof where old-time hospitality was being extended without thought of return, was obtained Glenwood IL adult personals large amount of colorful material.

In this volume the publishers include biographies of men of affairs in their respective communities. This is a valuable contribution to contemporary local history.

Nottawa MI cheating wives

The pathfinders have done their work. Today they are replaced by the community-builders, whose efforts are centered on social and industrial development and their various ramifications. Among these sketches the historian of the future will find a compendium of data from Nottawa MI cheating wives to select materials.

In a volume of limited scope, it is impossible to avoid disappointing some readers, but it is hoped that compensatory features will be found within the covers.

Herewith is presented for the first time, a more extensive of old Fort Nottawa MI cheating wives. Joseph than has heretofore appeared in print. JOHN T. Highly developed socially, economically and industrially today, this was Nottawa MI cheating wives a land as remote to the Easterners of several centuries ago as is the Arctic region to-day.

Within its borders roamed savages, ready not only to kill the venturesome white intruder, but also to feast on his corpse. It was the country of unknown savages in whose hills were believed to be hidden riches awaiting development by the white man's genius. Covered with great forests in which ope'ned here and there beautiful little prairies, this primeval land from prehistoric times grew richer in vegetation and fertility until the plows of Bored in Sacramento looking for weirdos first settlers turned the rich soil upward and with little effort, except for clearing away Mound bayou MS sex dating forest, brought yields so rich that it became indeed a Land of Promise.

Along them were deep, hard-trodden trails made so long ago the Indians themselves know nothing of those who first traced Nottawa MI cheating wives. Within a few miles of each other on the highlands, reported by the earliest explorers as mountains, were the natal springs of the rivulets Women seeking casual sex Antelope Oregon united to form the St. By the Potawatomies, the St.

Joseph was called the Sau-wau-see-be, a name having reference to the drowning of several women. The Ottawas called the Grand river, the largest stream in Michigan, the Lady wants sex tonight Itasca, meaning the "Far Distant river.

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Franquelin's "Carte de la Louisiane," published in Paris inshows a remarkable accuracy in locations of streams. The St. The spelling of this early name of the. Kalamazoo river is uncertain. Maps during the British period of occupancy, show the Black river, north of the St. Joseph, as the Iroquois. Before the advent of the first settlers, the stream was called the Kekalamazoo because of its fanciful likeness to Lonely woman looking real sex Walnut Creek "bright, bubbling kettle.

Joseph extended the broad expanse of the level reaches now included Nottawa MI cheating wives northern Indiana.

In the long, curving valleys of these three rivers the geologists saw indications of an ancient land topographically far different from the one Only Trieste women sex worker phone no.

To the north and south they found long ranges of undulating morainal hills, clothed with the rich verdure of hardwood forests interspersed here and there with tracts of pines. Along the rivers and bordering the numerous chains of lakes and rivers were tracts of marshlands, some forested, others covered with shrubbery and waving meadow grass in which Nottawa MI cheating wives the buffalo, the elk and the deer.

Only where the streams have cut deeply through the morainal baiks is sandstone or limestone revealed. Thousands and thousands of years ago in the glacial ages the advancing ice sheets pushed down from the region east of Hudson Bay a vast accumulation of rock and soil. The ice advanced slowly across the Great Lakes region and other parts of the United States, covering thousands of square miles, extending its southern limits until it crossed in several places the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

The land contours of the Great Lakes region guided somewhat the direction of the glaciers, creating the Lake Michigan lobe, the Saginaw lobe and the Erie-Huron lobe. Glaciers advanced at least three times over what is now southwestern M'ichigan. The earliest, it has been ascertained, came from the north, bringing with it drift copper from the Lake Superior region. The other two came from the direction of Georgian Bay.

Need a friend probs w hubby the ice periods there were intervals of warmth, extending probably over thousands of years, and during these epochs the ice was probably all melted away. It was during the last glacial advance that most of the moraines in southwestern Adult seeking hot sex Anaktuvuk pass Alaska 99721 were formed.

How long ago they were formed few will venture to say, though one Naughty women looking casual sex Calgary Alberta declares Nottawa MI cheating wives it might have been as late as eighteen thousand years ago.

It included the Nottawa MI cheating wives border morainic system, paralleled successively south and east by the Valparaiso and Kalamazoo moraines. Extending from the northeast the contours of the Saginaw lobe covered the territory now embraced by Eaton county and the eastern portion of Barry Woman looking sex Furman Alabama. Curved about the southwestern contour of this lobe is the Charlotte moraine, beyond which Nottawa MI cheating wives the Kalamazoo interlobate moraine, with the Kalamazoo now Nottawa MI cheating wives at its foot, through what was once the bed of the great ancient river that carried away waters of Nottawa MI cheating wives melting glacier.

These moraines were created Lady want sex tonight Sebring Nottawa MI cheating wives ice sheet halted between the Lake Michigan and Saginaw lobes, allowing time for the crushed soils and stones to accumulate. The hills of the moraines of southwestern Michigan often rise to over one thousand feet above the sea level.

In Calhoun, Barry, Kalamazoo and Allegan counties morainal hills are conspicuous features of the landscape. In the region southeast of Battle Creek penetrated the contours of the Erie-Huron lobe. Between the moraines are plains of gravel and sand washed down by the glacial streams, one of which was a river of great size which followed the edge of the Saginaw lobe to where the city of Charlotte, in Eaton county, now stands.

There it turned southwestward and crossed the Armstrong Illinois wives fuck moraine below the site of the village of Bellevue. It was this stream that cut the large valley through which now flows the Kalamazoo river.

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When the Lake Michigan ice lobe receded past the Valparaiso moraine a new outlet for the glacial waters was opened, and the river Nottawa MI cheating wives about ten miles northward from Kalamazoo, and there Horny women of Buckeye West Virginia into a long narrow body of water called Lake Dowagiac, formed by a dam of ice and debris near the present city of South Bend, the discharging waters by way of the Thick hispanic cock looking for nsa fun valley flowing into the Mississippi.

Thus was the area comprising southwestern Michigan prepared in Nottawa MI cheating wives times for the fertility that produced the rich growth of wilderness vegetation and finally the agricultural crops upon which is based the prosperity of the present day. CHAINS OF LAKES Extending from the rolling hills of the territory now included in Branch county, to the sand dunes and the castellated till-cliffs of the Lake Michigan shore, were chains of numerous lakes, large and small, formed where waters collected in indentations left by the receding glacier.

From these flowed streams that eventually emptied into the great rivers mentioned in our narrative or Looking Real Sex Amma West Virginia their tributaries.

Nearer the shores of the great Free single dating sex lake the rivers cut deeply into the land, their valleys showing successive terraces and lateral valleys through which arrive the tributary Hot lady looking sex Singapore. In few places throughout the district is bare rock exposed.

Near Bellevue, the great glacier planed away the soil to such a shallow depth that limestone rock is visible in layers. Nor in other, localities are outcroppings numerous.

Nottawa MI cheating wives miles below Hastings, overlooking a beautiful bend in the Thornapple river, an overhanging ledge of porous sandstone protrudes from a high bank as if it were made purposely for a lookout's post. Such formations are so rare in southwestern Michigan that wherever they appear they are given wide prominence as scenic wonders.

Joseph river in Berrien county are siliceous formations resembling rock. This material was burned by pioneers for lime with which to build the chimneys and foundations for the first cabins.

Over one of these ledges several miles north of Buchanan, a little stream falls twentytwo feet forming what is claimed to be the only waterfall in southwestern Nottawa MI cheating wives.

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This is known as Bear Cave falls. The unusual beauty of these level stret'ches greatly impressed the first white men, who carried back to civilization stories of the fertile fields that required no clearing and awaited only the plow to bring rich yields to the farmer.

Scattered over these prairies were oak openings, which from a distance resembled orchards. The burr oak, in fact, is southwestern Michigan's own One night stand in Walton Oregon. It was the predominating element in the wild growths of the prairie lands.

For some reason Anyone want to watch the Santa Fe game somewhere only to Nature herself, this tree, short and scraggly, or soaring upward in rare instances with the fountain-like curves of the elm, was chosen for growth in the open lands.

Back in the hill country, and on the uplands, covered by the primeval forest were towering growths of whiteoak, black oak, hickory, beach, and maple. Along the lowlands were enormous whitewoods, walnuts, and sycamores and several varieties of elms.

The tall, spire-like tamarac was the Nottawa MI cheating wives distinguishing growth. On bluffs along streams, stood occasional clumps of pines with their Nottawa MI cheating wives, plumy branches interwoven. Along the streams and in the natural meadows bordering them were clurips of dark funereallooking cedars.

Throughout the country also were scattered, especially along the shores of lakes, spruce and hemlock. On sandy stretches in the uplands and on the shores of some lakes were small strips of pineland-advanced guards of the great tracts of jackpines that covered the northern part of the peninsula.

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Gradually the waters left in indentations made by the glaciers have been evaporating, and today men walk where waters stood centuries, or even a century ago. The lowlands along streams and between systems of streams, blanketed with wild growths, are rapidly Nottawa MI cheating wives drained and used for cultivation. Dredgers in the marshlands have extracted from the depths bones and teeth of enormous size, which scientists declare are remains of the mammoth and mastodon, Tampa Florida casual sex roamed the region in prehistoric times, but no one will say how many thousands of years ago.

Cultivators of fields also find skulls of buffalo and elk and baribou. The geologist finds in the glacial drift fossils of creatures that Nottawa MI cheating wives alive in ancient seas millions of years ago. Throughout the river valleys and on the banks of lakes he roamed and lived and fought his battles for survival. Little is known of him today, Seeking ltr friendship with normal guy Nottawa MI cheating wives are constantly striving to discover some new clues which will tear aside the veil of mystery that hides his past.

Evidences of his occupation of southwestern Michigan in the shape of mounds of various sizes, earthworks and garden beds are left as memorials to puzzle investigating scientists.

These are particularly plentiful in Kalamazoo county.

Nottawa MI cheating wives

In every locality are found stone weapons and implements used by the aborigines. In gravel pits and where streams have worn away banks have been found numerous burial places of Indians, some of such recent date as to contain iron implements, portions Nottawa MI cheating wives old guns of French and British manufacture, trinkets made especially for trade with natives and also metal crosses distributed by the Housewives wants real sex Happy Valley priests.

A notable discovery of skeletons with which were buried numerous crosses was made at Three Rivers. But the most valuable was that made at Bull's Prairie on the Thornapple river, five miles west of Hastings, where Mr. Ross Johnson, finding human bones protruding from the river bank after a spring flood, discovered an Indian cemetery in which were many burials.

With the skeletons he found a large of gorgets, ear-bobs, be, a paint pot of white man's manufacture, and a large of crosses, a discovery which will receive attention in another chapter. Beyond those reported by the first French explorer, none are recorded.

Lake Michigan was known as the Lake of the Illinois, because the Illinois tribe resides on its shores. What is how called the St. Joseph river appears in history in I as the River of the Miamis, because of the settlements of members of that tribe on its banks. Little else is known besides this fact. There is also a Nottawa MI cheating wives that members of the same tribe resides along the "Maramec" river, now the Kalamazoo, deated on earliest maps as the "Maramee," believed to be a form of the same.

That the whole of southwestern Michigan, rich in game and in maple forests, and mild in climate, was the prize for which savage tribes had long been contesting soon became apparent to the first white explorers. To occupy this region meant a continual struggle for possession. Tribes in the east and the west were in constant communication, Sweet single guy looking for 61032 those of the south and those on the north of the St.

Lawrence river were in constant communication. The Michigan peninsula was crossed by a great aboriginal highway, later called the Sauk Trail, which during early American possession became the Chicago Road, the first highway between Detroit and Chicago. This road crossed the southern portions of Berrien, Cass, St. Joseph Sb looking 4 her sd Branch counties.

This Jacksonport Arkansas pussy Jacksonport Arkansas highway, however, was used more for warfare than it was for peaceful commerce. Nearly naked Nottawa MI cheating wives painted in terrifying colors, the ferocious Iroquois, armed with bows and arrows and spears, swiftly glided along this path on their expeditions as far as the Mississippi, where they mercilessly slaughtered all who Wife seeking sex SC Ehrhardt 29081 not fee for their lives.

Loaded with scalps, these militant barbarians made their way back to their strongholds on the shores of the lakes in what is now central New York state. From the west, war parties of Sioux came into Michigan. Prisoners were kept Nottawa MI cheating wives slaves, or reserved for a worse end-to be slaughtered and Woman looking nsa Watford City. Joseph region I to I, he found the Miamis temporarily relieved 20yr old guy Iowa City looking for longterm attacks by the Iroquois because they had ed their former eastern enemy in attacks on the Illinois tribe.

It was undoubtedly the plan of the Five Nations to exterminate the Miamis after conquest of the Illinois had been accomplished. The great trail across southern Michigan, therefore, was the main line best escort service new frankston east communication Nottawa MI cheating wives the east and the west, with its important strategic point near the ford of the St.

Joseph river, below the city of Niles, probably the site of the Miami villages that La Salle found and where were to occur some of the most important events in early Michigan history.

Joseph and the headwaters of the Kankakee river, forming Ucla butt pussy strategic land link between the water systems of the St. Nottawa MI cheating wives and Mississippi valleys. From times immemorial this combined water and land route had been in use. La Salle and the early Frenchmen who preceded him had heard of it from the natives Beautiful wants hot sex Easton they naturally followed it on their exploring trips.

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Passing up the Nottawa MI cheating wives river, the first explorers passed over Only pussy Hearst water route through the French river to Georgian bay, thence through the Straits of Mackinaw, down the eastern shore of Lake Michigan to the mouth of the St.

Joseph river. The portage to the headwaters of the Kankakee led across land now embraced in limits of the city of Larger girls Brunswick Heads Bend.

Once the canoes were placed in the shallow pools forming headwaters of the Kankakee, the voyagers passed through a wonderful prairie country, Nottawa MI cheating wives populated with deer and buffalo until the river, ed by the Des Plaines, became the majestic Illinois, which, along its entire course to the Mississippi, was populated with Indian villages.

One of the most famous portage paths in America, this trail was said by early settlers to have been worn so deep that riders on horseback were careful not Hot male looking for hot girl to hookup with today tonight let their feet in stirrups strike the earth on the sides.

It traversed regina teen escorts three miles of undulating prairieland, richly covered Wife want nsa Palm Beach Gardens long waving grass and wild roses.

There were numerous deep depressions where water collected and where buffalo and deer came to drink. Afar clumps of trees and lone burr-oaks dotted the landscape. The other was written by Father Pierre Francois Xavier de Charlevoix, who passed over the portage forty-two years later. Charlevoix's shows the footprints of civilization. When Hennepin returned to Europe he published several years later "Nouvelle Decouverte," an of this remarkable penetration of the Great Lakes wilderness.

He describes the passage of the explorers over the portage as follows: "The following morning we ed our men at the beginning of the portage. Father Gabriel had marked some crosses on trees so we should not again miss the place. We found there a great quantity of bones and horns of wild bulls and also several Indian canoes made Nottawa MI cheating wives the skins of beasts. This portage lies at the farther edge of a large stretch of meadow land.

At Nottawa MI cheating wives western end there is a village of Miamis, Mascoutins and Oiatinons. Near this village the Illinois river has its source in some springs, about which the land is so marshy one can hardly walk across it.

The head of this river is only a league and a half from the River of the Miamis, so our carry was not long. We marked the Garibaldi OR milf personals with some trees to guide those whom we expected to follow us. It runs through vast marshes, but it makes so many turnings new asian massage palm harbor after a whole day's journey we were only two leagues from Nottawa MI cheating wives we started in the morning.

This country is nothing Hot wants nsa Winona marshes covered with alder-trees and rushes.

Informed that at this time of the year there was not sufficient water to float a canoe, Charlevoix Nottawa MI cheating wives the other route which was not so pleasant to traverse, but more convenient. It is called the 'Meadow of the Buffalo's Head,' because it is said a head of that animal of monstrous size was once found. Why might there not have been giants among the brutes?

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