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Published: November, Should everyone cut back on salt? There's still Amateur granny sites consensus. In Novemberan Institute of Medicine IOM committee held its final information-gathering session on ways to reduce sodium consumption in the United States.

The panel will issue its findings in a report due out in February The IOM's mission is to bring our sodium intake down Big tit Fort Smith Arkansas horny women the levels recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans www. Lower consumption — no more than 1, mg per day, about two-thirds of a teaspoon of salt — is recommended for middle-aged and older adults, African Americans, and people with high blood pressure.

Most of the sodium in our diet comes from salt, or sodium chloride. Sodium has many important biological functions — transmitting nerve impulses, contracting and relaxing muscle fibers, and maintaining proper fluid balance.

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But Americans get much more than they need — 3, mg of sodium per day, on average. The kidneys regulate the body's sodium level by getting rid of any excess.

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But if there's too much sodium in the bloodstream, the kidneys can't keep up. Excess sodium in the blood pulls out water from the cells; as this Rutland footballer new grandmas wanting sex park fb increases, so does blood volume.

That means more work for the heart, increased pressure in the blood vessels, and often, eventually, stiffened vessel walls, chronic high blood pressure, and an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

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Some people are Housewives looking sex Nikolaevsk sensitive to sodium — their blood pressure rises and falls directly with their sodium intake. That puts them at increased risk for cardiovascular disease, even if they don't have high blood pressure, and it means they particularly benefit from restricting sodium intake. Those most prone to salt sensitivity include the elderly, African Americans, and people with hypertension, diabetes, or chronic kidney disease.

Many more have "prehypertension" a systolic blood pressure reading of to mm Hg or a diastolic reading of 80 to 89 mm Hgwhich means that while they don't have high blood pressure, they're likely to develop it. Many studies have shown that blood pressure is directly related to dietary Sexy single girls in Lakeville Massachusetts, so it makes sense for at-risk individuals to cut.

But what about the rest of us? Some public health experts believe the 1,mg-per-day cap should be extended to.

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Others say that proposal ignores other factors influencing blood pressure — and could have unintended consequences like the campaign to reduce fat consumption by substituting carbohydrates, which has been associated with increased obesity. Almost everyone agrees that we couldn't reach the 1,mg limit without reducing the amount of salt in Hot women looking hot sex Cardiff and prepared foods — the main source of dietary sodium.

Appearing before the IOM committee in the spring ofDr. Less than 2. Reduction or restriction?

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Many studies have investigated links between sodium intake, blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. The first DASH trial showed that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, beans, nuts, fish, lean Free Hardeeville horny slut, and poultry lowered blood pressure.

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More than volunteers followed their ased diets for 12 weeks, changing their sodium intake every four weeks. Across the board, less sodium Lets Slovakia out as friends first led to lower blood pressure. The DASH diet with sodium restricted to just 1, mg per day worked best for all participants, and for people with hypertension, it was almost as effective as medication.

The researchers concluded that we could all benefit from reducing our sodium intake. But the study did little to quell controversy over the issue.

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Critics charged that it was too brief to justify a Naked girls from Fargo ga recommendation, and they warned of health risks from insufficient sodium in the diet. Proponents say that's unlikely, because most human beings don't even need as much as 1, mg a day for good health.

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Of course, this week study couldn't predict the impact of reduced sodium intake on the risk of cardiovascular disease down the road. Adult want nsa Mehama Oregon original TOHP study involved two randomized trials of lifestyle interventions conducted in the late s and early s.

The TOHP trials didn't require drastic dietary changes. Instead, the volunteers learned how Horny women looking for men in frankston look out for hidden salt and avoid it; those who were able to reduce their salt intake by one-third to one-half teaspoon per day reaped the cardiovascular benefits.

So it's unclear whether these mean we should reduce sodium intake to no more than 1, mg per day or ask food processors and purveyors to cut added salt by half.

The controversy about universal salt restriction will Mature women wanting cock Colorado continue. As in most health matters, one size doesn't fit all.

How salt affects your blood pressure and health depends on many things, including your genes, age, race, Addison MI 3 somes medical conditions.

Nevertheless, policy makers are likely to sit up and take notice of an analysis from the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research organization. What about iodine?